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Individual Tax Planning and Preparation

Over the years, I have learned that my clients cannot evade tax, but they can avoid or defer taxes by using the tax laws to their advantage. Now I want to use the training that the IRS provided and my experience to help minimize your tax liabilities.

After receiving a Masters Degree in Accounting from the University of Colorado, I spent five years as a revenue agent for the Internal Revenue Service here in the Denver area. I audited hundreds of individuals and businesses, both large and small. My experience at the IRS was invaluable and I use that experience today to provide services to individuals

We encourage our clients to contact us throughout the year when issues arise that they think may affect their taxes. We believe it is better to be proactive then reactive and to know how transactions will affect the tax return before they occur, not after.

    Form 1040 Preparation
    Electronic Filing Included
    Out of State Tax Reporting
    Tax and Financial Strategies